What does "100% Arabica" coffee really mean?

What does "100% Arabica" coffee really mean?

You probably will have seen on coffee packs everywhere the phrase "100% Arabica", and wondered what it means or stands for. This is mainly intended as a sign of quality which is used as a selling point and means exactly what it says: that 100% of the coffee in the package is made from Arabica coffee beans.

“Coffea arabica” is one of the most widely grown coffee species in the world! Arabica coffee trees grow at fairly high altitudes (1,300-1,500m), conferring a richer bean with more concentrated flavours, a higher degree of acidity and floral and fruity notes.

All of the world’s highly graded coffees and essentially those classified as “specialty” coffee are of the Arabica species or closely related to it. However, the species itself does not guarantee quality and there is far more commercial-grade Arabica than there is specialty.

The origins of the Arabica coffee tree species can be traced back to the Ethiopian Highlands. So, next time you are in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, you know what to do :).

In fact, the co-founder of Moving Beans, Mike, had his most amazing coffee (ever, as he insists) in Ethiopia, on his way to Rwanda. 


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