What exactly is the famous Robusta coffee?

What exactly is the famous Robusta coffee?

There are two Coffea (coffee) species that make up nearly all the coffee grown for consumer consumption; these are Coffea Robusta and Coffea Arabica. We have discussed the latter in our last blog, so let's focus on the Robusta coffee bean today.

Robusta species grow at lower altitudes, i.e. sea level until about 300m. It is disease resistant and produces twice the yield per tree than the Arabica coffee tree. Coffee made from Robusta species also contains twice the amount of caffeine than Arabica. Here you have it: twice; twice as awake! :)

Robusta however is seen as the inferior of the two from a coffee taste point of view. Having said this, the quality of the different types of Arabica and Robusta varies widely and it is possible to find Robusta that outperforms Arabica coffee in quality. Nonetheless, Robusta cannot compete with the best Arabica crops.

You will often see Robusta blended with Arabica and, in general a Robusta will produce a more bitter, heavier cup with less brightness and fewer fruit notes. A good Robusta will display chocolate and hazelnut notes. Our Moving Beans House Espresso contains some Robusta coffee beans.


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